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Business Consulting


CWN covers the complete spectrum of business consulting, which is (abstract):

Management consulting, management by proxy, organization

Problem analyses and solutions (applying economic- and social sciences)

Quality management and control

Personnel-consulting, -selection and -recruitment, incl. screening

Setting up of businesses in the U.S. and Europe

Trustee services, investment, venture capital…

Marketing, trademark protection (patents, brands, trademarks)

Grafic design (corporate design, corporate identity)

Calculation, financing, accounting, taxes

Market research, site analysis and selection

IT consulting, telecommunication


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CWN provides counsel in respect of financing, investment and banking.

In the U.S. CWN advises especially German-speaking customers, helping opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, consulting regarding financing etc.


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Regional, domestic and international marketing and brand management.

Advertising: Design and counseling

Distribution/sales: Counselling, management

Brands/Trademarks: Design, research, registration, management


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Web design (Counseling, Development, realization)

Websites, FaceBook-, Twitter-, Tumblr-, LinkedIn-, Xing- etc. profiles/sites

Domains: Counseling, Marketing, Management, Leasing

Software development

Hard- and software-consulting

External quality control

Internet consulting (SEO, security)

Training/Education (individually and groups)


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Real estate


Real Estate (residential, commercial, industrial, recreational)

Consulting, development, financing

Problem solutions (authorities, disputes, arrears, defaults...)

Construction/renovation: Planning, quality control, supervision

Agency, Acquisition, Selling, Leasing

Property management


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Visa and Immigration Services


CWN boasts a broad experience in visa and immigration matters.

CWN partnered with U.S. Visa Consulting, whose president and founder served many years as a U.S. consular officer, whose assignments included Amsterdam (Netherlands), Hong Kong (China), Washington DC, Warsaw (Poland), Berlin (Germany) and Mumbai (India).


→ Contact CWN Visa and Immigration Services with your visa matters in Berlin, Germany or in Florida, US.




U.S. Services for Europeans


Immigration and Visa

Consulting regarding USA-Visa and help with creation of necessary preconditions and aquisition of documents;


U.S. Real Estate

Real Estate Services: Consulting, brokerage, acquisition/purchasing, selling, renting/leasing and management of residential and commercial real estate.


U.S. Notary Public

Notary Public: Services regarding certifications, authorisations, mariages and more (Currently, only in Florida available.);


U.S. Banking, Financing, Bank accont, credit card

Support of opening of U.S. bank accounts and acquisition of U.S. credit cards, Conseling regarding financing and more;



Translations (English-German, German-English, other languages upon request)


U.S. authority matters

Support in dealings with U.S. authorities, e.g. driver’s license, public services, visa and immigration, marriages („marriage license“) professional and business licenses for the U.S. and many more.



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Asset management


Asset management and asset protection (legally and prudent)

Real estate management

Company share management

Management of legal rights, licenses, trademarks and assets

Administration of estates, estate sales


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Law and Taxes

Counseling in legal and tax matters

Accounting, tax declaration

Tax planning


Claim management (debtors and creditors)

Investigations, inquiries (regarding individuals, businesses, assets)


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Image Consulting

Counselling for individuals and businesses regarding:

Appearance and acting

Public, professional and private relations

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, decision guidance

Personal appearance: Attire (clothes and accessories), posture, language, makeup, scent…

Motivation, training, counseling

Media: Print, internet, tv, radio... Website/s, FaceBook-, Twitter-, Tumblr-, LinkedIn…


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Career advice: Educational objectives, educational paths, educational institutions, job application coaching

Educational events: Courses, lectures (individuals and groups)

See also Image Consulting


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Sports and health

Sports marketing

Sports/athlete's management

Health and nutrition counseling


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Art management

Art marketing

See also Publishing


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Media design

Technical design (Automotive, motorcycles, bicycles, appliances, furniture...)

Web design (see CWN IT)


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Books: Editing, formatting, Cover design, printing, distribution/sales (print and electronically)

Music: Inspection, design, sales

Painting und photography: Book/s, print, online...

Other art: Sculptures, utility art


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Fields of Business, miscellaneous

Advisory, consultancy, management, recruitment, counselling, research, intelligence and information, project management…

Accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, tax/es…

Banking, finance, brokerage, insurance, fiduciary and trust…

Investment, mortgage, stock, real estate (all fields), building, construction; remodeling, repair, maintenance, management, cleaning, janitorial/maid, design and decors…

Advertising, marketing, PR, design, trademark/s…

Mail sorting, handling and receiving, office administration, secretarial and clerical, travel management, translations…

Export and import, foreign trade information and consultation…

Computer, data and internet services, hard and software, development, design, internet advertising; SEO, price comparison, providing and rental of internet space, multimedia, web design…

Art and literature: Publishing, brokerage, appraisal, galleries, literary, management of artists, modeling, theatrical and talent agencies, entertainment, sports, exhibitions, print, music, film, TV…

Auctioneering, appraisals…

Medical: Hospital administration services; Hospital management…

Sports/athletics, events, management of professional athletes; sponsorship search…

Education, science, research, and training…

Nature preservation; education; natural resource management; planning…

Animal and nature protection, preservation and training…

Charitable fund raising…

Energy, automobile/automotive (design, parts, service…), aircraft, marine, electrical, electronics, AI, architectural, engineering…

Furniture, industrial, residential, landscape, product development, design and services…

Security, safety…



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