Real Estate Development...

… refers to the complete process and all service involved. That is:

The process reaches from the acquisition and its preparation to the sale or occupation by the owner or tenants.

First a comprehensive due diligence report will be produced, including the review of the FLU (Future Land Use), zoning, entitlement and permitting processes, transportation and school concurrency, availability of utility services. That, is the complete urban planning process will be conducted – in the interest of all impacted/involved parties in close co-operation with local, state and federal authorities (e.g. → FEMA and → US Army Corps of Engineers) as well as neighbors and potential users.

A boundary survey, environmental report (including the necessary testing and inspections), a wetland and endangered species report (including a natural resource management plan, in FL especially in terms of water use, drainage and possible diversion), a geotechnical report (in FL especially in terms of sink holes and beach protection) and a preliminary traffic report will be produced.

Moreover, the complete permitting and entitlement process is covered, as well as the project management and administration.


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