NATUCON is CWN's charity (non-profit organization).

CWN provides services in multiple fields of consulting, real estate and many more. For more information see → CWN USA, please.

Engaging/consulting e.g. in real estate development projects, in terms of protection of the environment and natural resources, CWN is bound to federal, state and local rules and regulations. CWN makes sure they and their clients follow these rules and produce as little as possible environmental impact. Therefore, CWN applies/provides modern science-based urban planning and natural resource management technics and services. Environmental research and tests are not only applied to minimize the effects of development upon the actual development, but also the future effects of the development, e.g., water, waste water, waste, traffic…

CWN is committed in the application of renewable energy technologies. Especially in CWN’s home state, the Sunshine State Florida, CWN campaigns for solar and wind power technologies, wherever feasible.

In landscaping of new and existing properties CWN strives for the exclusive use of native plants and for resource sparing/protecting designs (water and energy saving…).

In their property management businesses CWN engages in strict protection of the environment and their tenants. At CWN’s properties the application of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides is almost completely banned. CWN tries to educate their employees, partners and tenants in the use of natural (ecofriendly) remedies.

Also, despite in Florida fresh water seems a plentiful natural resource, Florida faces massive problems pertaining fresh water. Pollution caused by industries and especially by increasing population (urbanization) became a major issue in Florida (as in many other states and countries). But also, Florida’s coastal areas experience the impact of human actions as the oceans battle overfertilization, manifesting as Red Tide.

The NATUCON project shall be the means for CWN to make an impact on the public, by engaging in education and politics* in order to reach all people, the average person as well as politicians.

*Why politics/politicians? Regarding the use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides e.g., we may be able educating and convincing our families, friends, neighbors, and tenants, but big corporations often need to be motivated by laws and regulations, hence politics/politicians.

CWN’s/NATUCON’s main objective is education. Therefore, CWN/NATUCON themselves engage in education efforts as well as CWN/NATUCON supports nature and environmental protection efforts and initiatives.

CWN not only acting itself as law and science abiding/applying service provider, as educator and financier, CWN/NATUCON engages in raising funds for nature and environmental protection efforts. Moreover CWN/NATUCON engages in spreading the word, that is making all kinds initiatives (more) public.

Therefore, CWN/NATUCON is not striving for exclusivity, it rather supports other efforts and initiatives.

For more information and/or to support CWN’s NATUCON project/s contact → Contact NATUCON 🌱, please.

For education purposes and/or supporting them you also may want to explore any one of the following:


→ The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation

→ Pinellas County Parks

→ Pinellas County, Information on environment and nature

→ University of Florida, IFAS Extension

→ Florida Native Plant Society


→ Contact NATUCON 🌱